Explore Hurulu Eco Park in a seek to find a significant number of wild elephants.

The Hurulu Forest Reserve in its natural state
Initially made as a biosphere save in 1977, this flourishing environment is plentiful with natural life and renowned for gigantic groups of elephant. This tropical dry evergreen woods is a basic living space for the Sri Lankan elephant. These transitory warm blooded creatures move between the woods from Minneriya and Kaudula public parks towards the close by Hurulu Forest Reserve in the dry prepare and can be seen spotted among the tall grasses and clean wilderness vegetation.
Other huge creatures found here incorporate jackal, spotted deer, tufted dim langur and hat macaque, while an assortment of birds fly in the dry-zone including Indian roller, Sri Lanka wilderness fowl, Indian peafowl, blue-followed and green honey bee eaters. Raptors, for example, variable falcon hawk, peaked snake bird and shikra may likewise be seen. Your guide will know where the elephants can be found and as consistently with Mother Nature, exercises are climate subordinate.

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