Explore the Hurulu Forest Reserve in search of huge numbers of elephants.

The embodiment of Hurulu Forest Reserve

Hurulu Forest Reserve in Habarana was first designated as a biosphere reserve in 1977. This vibrant ecosystem is rich in wildlife and well-known for its massive numbers of elephants. The Sri Lankan elephant’s essential habitat is this tropical dry evergreen forest. 

During the dry season, these migratory, warm-blooded elephants can be seen spotting among the long grasses and tidy wilderness plants as they travel between forests from Minneriya and Kaudula public parks towards the nearby Hurulu Eco Park. 

Hurulu Eco Park, Habarana is home to a variety of large animals, including golden jackals, spotted deer, tufted dim langurs, and toque macaques. In the dry zone, birds like as Indian rollers, Sri Lankan wilderness fowl, Indian peafowl, blue-followed, and green honey bee eaters can be seen flying. It’s also possible to spot raptors including the shikra, peaked snakebird, and variable falcon hawk. As always with Mother Nature, your and Tour guide will know where to find the elephants, and exercise is climate-subordinate.

Hurulu eco park

Map of Hurulu Eco Park, Habarana

Hurulu Eco Park opening hours

Hurulu eco park, habarana is open 365 days of the year.

Open Time: 7.00 Am

Close Time: 6.30 Pm

Last time to buy ticket & enter: 5.00 Pm

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